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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Netware cgi flags
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:26:23 GMT
I'm thinking that 0.9.7 should be rolled, and that 2.0.55 should be
based on that new tag.  Lots of minor bug fixes that we aught to
gather together for the new release.

Which means this is a good time if someone wants to finally commit
these patches, below;  I'll be tagging by Friday and not specifically
waiting on it, but if it's committed by tomorrow night I'll pick up
the change on both sides (apr/httpd).

     *) mod_cgi: Added API call and overload of detached field in
        cgi_exec_info_t structure to support loading in current or new 
        space for CGIs.  The patch change how NetWare use cmdtype for
        processes. It was made necessary by changes done to log.c r1.145.
        The HTTP and the APR patches are available at:
        +1: jjclar, bnicholes, trawick
        jerenkrantz: I'm confused as to the status of this backport.
        trawick: Somebody commits the APR 0.9 patch, then:
          do we have to wait for later APR 0.x release before putting
          calls to apr_procattr_addrspace_set() into httpd-2.0.x, or
          do we go ahead and introduce the prerequisite?
        clar replies: I am ready to commit the apr 0.9.x patch, but then 
          need the changes in the httpd-2.0.x to be done in order for 
          to work as expected when calling apr_proc_create. Should I do 
          APR and Http, at the same time?
        wrowe: commit to APR.  Use an APR version test *in httpd* to 
          if the old or new behavior should be used in httpd.  In future 
versions         you could remove the test altogether.

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