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Subject Re: Issues for 2.1.8
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 20:07:04 GMT

Paul Querna wrote:
> I would like to tag and start a 2.1.8-beta cycle next weekend.
> According to our VERSIONING file, we should remove all modules
> underneath modules/experimental/ for the 2.2.0 release.  This currently
> includes mod_case_filter, mod_charset_lite, mod_example, mod_dbd, and
> mod_filter.  This means we should either declare some of these modules

Sorry for possibly starting an old discussion here, but is this really a
good idea? I guess mod_ldap and mod_cache would not be
in that good shape they currently are on 2.2.x branch and on trunk, if they
had not been experimental modules in 2.0.x and would have only lived on the trunk.
I think by having them in experimental they got in the focus of several
people who weren't involved in developing httpd and thus got tested which
resulted in PR's, patches and enhancement requests by those people.
And even if these people look in the trunk for such modules, it is not
always easy to make them work with the previous release.

So from my point of view we should keep the experimental module section.
Don't get me wrong: We should have a close look on the modules that
get packed in the experimental section for releases of stable branches.
It should not contain modules that go nowhere and that
nobody here has any interest in any longer. Being in the experimental section
should be more of an hint for the user of a module that this module has not
the same level of quality as the remainder of the release in the meaning of

- It may has some bugs
- Some features have not been implemented yet
- It has not been tested that intensely in the wild

Especially for mod_filter I think we should ensure that it is contained in 2.2
as it was announced as one of the new features of 2.2 at the ApacheCon.
Furthermore I think it is an really important and exciting feature for 2.2.
Otoh I agree with Nick that it may be wise to keep it in the experimental section
for some time to get some more testing in the wild. As mod_filter is something
that not everybody uses everyday the tests done by the beta users may not be enough.




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