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From Rob Crittenden <>
Subject mod_nss 1.0
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:58:02 GMT
This is to announce a new module for Apache 2.0.x named mod_nss. mod_nss 
provides SSL support using the NSS crypto libraries 

It is a derivation of mod_ssl from Apache 2.0.54. Basically we ripped 
out any OpenSSL calls and replaced them with NSS calls. The two modules 
are more or less functionally equivalent. Some differences arise due to 
the difference levels of exposure of the underlying SSL calls. The 
mod_nss directives have the NSS prefix. Documentation is distributed 
with the source.

One notable omission at the moment is proxy support. It isn't quite 
ready yet.

This module was created to satisfy a need within the Fedora Directory 
Server project. It is not designed to displace or dispose of mod_ssl.

It can be retrieved from

It should be considered to be in a beta state.


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