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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy http request body code review request
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:10:24 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:
> William A. Rowe, Jr. said:
>>Please test, and vote on either the entire patch or nak specific commits
>>below with technical justification, so that we might release 2.0.55 and
>>avoid backing out 171205 once again.  AIUI, JimJ and myself are +1 so
>>far, which are all the votes collected (I'd addressed several -1's to
>>address the technical concerns within the fixes below).  To those who
>>take the time to review, Thank You!
> Went through each patch in detail, and it all seems fine so far. Next step
> is to do some testing of the patch, which I'll do this weekend between
> getting on and off planes. To those who worked on getting this patch
> together, thank you :)

NP - and thank you for your ongoing review; looking forward to your
results so we can clear this showstopper - was all set to start pulling
off an httpd 2.0.55 candidate today, and I'll check back in later to see
if it can still come together.

Thanks to all, esp. Jeff, who are busilly reviewing and backporting our
final bug fixes for 2.0.55.


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