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Subject Re: Issues for 2.1.8
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 12:37:23 GMT

I thnk we all understand what Bill is saying, there is
simpy normal, healthy disagreement. That's good.

Look... every now and then we ALL get the urgre to clean
up the room and move the furniture around and get the
dirty laundry off the floor. Bill thinks modules/experimental
is part of the 'cleanup' that he thinks should happen.
More power to him.

My 2 cents jives with Jim J, Brad and others.

Healthy discussion and it's nice to see... but
I don't think it's broken. Don't fix it.

Clean it up, sure. Try and make it 'tidier' and get rid of shit
that isn't going anywhere and nobody seems to care about,
but don't DEEP-SIX it.

Even if the directory is EMPTY for any particular release I
still think it is an ENTICEMENT to CONTRIBUTE.

It's very presence in the tarball is an INVITATION for those
who, as Shakespeare would say, are "Seeking the bubble
reputation even in the cannon's mouth". It says "Can you
think of something useful that we haven't yet?".

As stated before... it's just a perfect symbol of the way 
everyone should look at Apache... that is has NEVER been
'finished' or 'perfect', is not now, and never will be.

It is a total 'work in progress' at all times.

It is, in essence, a living 'experiment' unto itself.

That's all.
Kevin Kiley

In a message dated 9/22/2005 11:18:35 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:
But what you are suggesting is exactly what has proven NOT to work. 
Moving modules into sub-projects has already proven to kill the module. 
It needs to be included in the release.  That is an essential part of
the incubation process.  modules/experimental WORKS!!  That fact has
already been proven true by the number of modules that have passed
through modules/experimental and graduated to become standard modules.  
If it isn't broken, then why are you trying to fix it with something
that we already know DOESN'T work.


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