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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Organising Modules
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 08:16:12 GMT
Since the proposal to chop /experimental/ has been raised, we should perhaps
review anomalies elsewhere.  This is motivated originally by the fact that
mod_dbd doesn't fit under any of the existing /modules/*/ directories.

For 2.2, mod_dbd can simply go in a new /database/ directory.  But going
forward, might we want to rationalise?  I won't suggest too many detailed
proposals now, lest it become another huge great thread!  But perhaps
there should be a /modules/apps/ under which would be placed some of
the newer directories like dav, ldap and cache.  And a new /modules/api/ 
category for modules whose primary purpose is to service other modules
and/or provide configuration hooks on the system: this would include
mod_so and mod_dbd, and arguably also mod_filter and mod_auth which
are really enablers for their respective categories.

(stop press on mod_dbd - I caught Ian on IRC last night, and he confirms
mod_dbd's progenitor mod_mysql_pool is a core component of CNET's
"ATOMICS" system[1] - another big real-life user).


Nick Kew

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