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From Jem Berkes <>
Subject Re: mod_smtpd module review
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:56:44 GMT
I just saw this old message now... I have been moving and my new ISP still 
hasn't connected my service after 3 weeks.

>> This past week I have finished up a few modules and ready for review.

This is a nifty addition, thanks!

>> I would also like to set the error code, because looking over rfc0821 I 
>> think it should return 452 or may be that needs to be a default for 
>> smtpd_run_connect soft errors (552 for hard errors).  Should we allow the 
>> module to set the error code?
> Error codes can be sent with SMTPD_DONE. Otherwise error codes won't change 
> in the next fifty years for things like SMTPD_DENY and friends. I'll look 
> into changing those specific codes. Most of the error codes I got from 
> Postfix and Qpsmtpd but of course they aren't perfect.

I think there should be a way for other modules to specify a preferred 
return code. Access controls are a good example, whether mod_smtpd_rbl or 
something else that wants to ensure a specific code is returned.

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