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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: mod_smtpd_access_dbd code review, mod_smtpd_auth plan
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 19:10:32 GMT

On Sep 14, 2005, at 9:33 AM, Brian J. France wrote:

> I ported this from mod_dbi_pool to mod_dbd, but I haven't had time  
> to go back in and clean up the code.  I liked the layout when it  
> was using mod_dbi_pool, but I just hacked it up to convert it to  
> mod_dbd.  Since I haven't had the time to clean it up so I figured  
> I would get some comments on it to make sure I am going in the  
> right direction.
> I have a another trip next week and I plan on using the time to  
> clean it up and also start working on the mod_smtpd_auth* modules.
> My plan right now is to build a skeleton mod_smtpd_auth module that  
> will handle plain, login, cram-md5 (and possibly digest-md5).   
> mod_smtpd_auth will define two hooks for other auth modules, one  
> that takes username and password for authorizing and one for which  
> methods it enables.
> mod_smtpd_auth_pwd will enable plain and login because it only has  
> the encrypted password
> mod_smtpd_auth_dbd will enable all auth methods
> Thoughts/comments?

Brian I will review your modules (including mod_smtpd_load, which i  
think should now be named mod_smtpd_connect_load) very soon for  
incorporation into the modules tree.

Rian Hunter

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