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From "Peter Djalaliev" <>
Subject where exactly in the code does Apache first detect https connections?
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:44:54 GMT
Where does the Apache web server first detect that a request is over HTTPS?
I can't find the specific place in the source code where this is done
(assuming a specific place exists).

The SSL connection is established in mod_ssl, but how is this code first
invoked?  All the hooks in mod_ssl are registered with the AP_HOOK_MIDDLE
arguments, how does Apache ensure that they handle the HTTPS connection,
instead of some other module or hook?

I guess that the code can detect when a request is over HTTPS just by
looking at the beginning of the URL (if it is absolute); I also know that
there exists a HTTPS environment variable, even though I couldn't find any
documentation about when it is set and when it is used.

I looked at the code in the ssl and http Apache modules, as well as the
request.c file in the 'server' directory of the source code, but I can't
find what I need.

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