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From G√ľnter Knauf <>
Subject Apache 2.1 on Win32 nightmare
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:17:04 GMT
Hi all,
as we discussed more than once here on the list the latest sources require that one has LDAP
3.0 support in the platform SDK. I was not able to get that ldap 3.0 piece to fit into the
platform sdk for MSVC6, so I'm for longer no more able to build 2.1 or later self.
So I asked another one for that who kindly build a version for me....
Now when I wanted to start that beast on W2K SP4 it complains about an error in the w32ldap.dll!
So seems even W2K SP4 is not sufficient enough to run latest Apache 2.x!
Ok, I went to my XP box, and wanted to give it a try there, but hey! the next dependency which
I didnt get on the W2K box cause there I installed the .NET stuff for testing: MSVCR71.dll
The last 2.1 build (before LDAP went into APR) I compiled did just start, and now I have to
update and patch my box!
I think this will certainly be the next thing which will the users hold up from updating to
2.2 when it comes out....
I'm now a bit in doubt if it was such a good idea to have the LDAP stuff moved into APR;
at least it would be better if we could have two additional targets in Win32:
- build with the CLDAP SDK from Novell (freely available)
- build without LDAP support at all

another option is probably to support LDAP 2.0 again so that it builds with MSVC6.

thanks, Guenter.

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