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From "Jem Berkes" <>
Subject Re: New mod_smtpd release
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 06:49:23 GMT
> Well there's also another problem. RFC 2821 (SMTP) doesn't define a
> particular message format for SMTP (in wide use there the RFC 822 and
> MIME message formats). I don't think that mod_smtpd should assume a  RFC
> 822 or MIME message format since its strictly a SMTP module,  that's why

I agree with this

> I still think header parsing should be in another module.  Of course
> this module is free to register itself as an mod_smtpd  filter and do
> what it needs to do, but it shouldn't be part of the  main mod_smtpd.

That seems wise. Any weird thing can come through over SMTP, it could look 
very much unlike an email after all. You're handling the protocol in your 
module and that means the SMTP protocol as I understand, not MIME or 

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