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From Parin Shah <>
Subject how to make sub-requests?
Date Sat, 06 Aug 2005 05:01:54 GMT
Hi All,

I am currently working on mod-cache-requester. This module stores
uri's of all the pages those are served from cache. and it re-request
all popular pages those are soon-to-expire from cache so that such
pages are not removed from the cache.

To implement that, mod-cache-requester should be able to make a sub
request for the pages those are about to expire.

this could be achieved in following ways, but each has its own

- using make_sub_request, ap_sub_req_method_uri methods. these
functions create a new request_req for a sub request and they take
current request_req as one of the argument. but mod-cache-requester
may not have current request available.

we can store the original request_req which was used when the page was
served from cache, and then use it as a parameter to the above method.
Is this approach is fine?

- second approach would be to create seperate socket connection and
make request on this connection. Still I personally believe this is
not a very elegant solution.

- other than these methods, please let me know other possible methods
you are aware of.

waiting for some help,

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