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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on Future Versions/Backporting
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2005 14:17:00 GMT
On 8/19/05, Brad Nicholes <> wrote:
>    I think the point is that we should put more effort in looking
> forward rather than back.  The problem is that given the current mode of
> operation, people know that the only way a patch or enhancement gets
> looked at or released in any reasonable amount of time, is by
> backporting it into the 2.0.x branch.  Otherwise it will most likely sit
> in trunk for months if not years waiting for some future major release
> of the web server.  Take the rearchitecture of the auth modules for
> example.  That enhancement has been sitting in trunk for something like
> 2 years now.  By pushing for more point releases rather than revisions,
> we not only get the needed patches out to the community, we also get
> enhancements out as well.  Thus moving the web server forward rather
> than back.  There are times when a critical fix needs to be backported,
> but the goal should be to move trunk forward rather than patches
> backwards.

This sounds like: "Effort spent on 2.0.x has kept 2.2 from being GA already."

Pretend 2.0.x doesn't exist for a moment.  What does it take to make
2.2 GA in the next three weeks?

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