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From Plüm, Rüdiger, VIS <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fix incorrect 304's responses when cache is unwritable
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 03:38:40 GMT

>Thanks!  I've committed this in r231486, r231487, and r231488.  I re-split 
>them up to make it easier for people to review the commits.
>However, there remains an issue in mod_disk_cache's remove_url: I don't think 
>it properly handles removing the Vary condition files.  I went ahead and 
>committed it because it gets us closer to the desired solution.
>The code will remove the header file and the disk file; but it also likely 
>needs to go up a 'level' and remove all variants.  Because if we get a 404 on 
>a varied entity, it also means that all variants should be removed, no?

Should they really be removed? 
In the case that you are caching a response from a backend app server or
a cgi script I can imagine situations where one variant is 404 and another
one is not. Dw also pointed that out.
>From my personal point of view we should keep them and let the next revalidation
on them caused by a client decide whether they should be removed or not.

>I think what this means is that we need to recompute the hash - verify that it 
>either meets the 'base' URL (we're done then), or we need to then go through 
>and wack all of the varied headers/bodies and such.  Now, I *think* it's 
>possible after Paul's latest rewrite to just wack some subdirectories - but 
>I'm fuzzy on this.  (Paul??)

Yes, I think we just need to remove the .vary subdirectory with all its subdirectories
and files.

>Does this make sense?  Or, am I missing something?  -- justin



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