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From Wilfredo Sánchez Vega <>
Subject Some RFC 2616 questions
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:56:48 GMT
   The spec for If-{None-}Match and If-{Un}Modified-Since is driving  
me batty.

   The biggest item has to do with having to know the response code  
for the request without processing the request.  Specifically, 14.24  
(If-Match) and the others have a requirement like:

         If the request would, without the If-Match header field,  
result in
         anything other than a 2xx status, then the If-Match header  

   This implies that we have to attempt the request, check the  
status, and act on the If-Match header only if the request resulted  
in an non-error status.  That seems rather expensive for the server.   
For example, if we have a GET request that recomputes uncached data  
or something like that.

   Furthermore, for many operations, such as PUT, COPY, MOVE and  
DELETE, we'd have to back out the successful operation, since I might  
not know that PUT will fail without actually trying it first.

   Next up, 14.25 (If-Modified-Since) implies in the first paragraph  
that it applies to all methods, but then only proceeds to describe  
what to do with a GET, and even then, a GET with no Range header.  If  
I get an IMS for a PUT, is that a valid request?  How about a DAV  
COPY?  Presumably in that case would apply, if valid, to the source  
resource, not the destination.


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