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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: mod_mbox bug squashing
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 17:20:30 GMT
--On August 29, 2005 11:52:18 AM +0200 Maxime Petazzoni 
<> wrote:

> First of all, thanks for your reply, I was looking forward to having
> mod_mbox's original author comments !

Ha!  =)

> Ok, if it crashes it means we won't have any debugging information. If
> you have a couple of minutes today on IRC, can we make step by step
> debugging ? I'll add alert box in the toggleMessage() function, and
> you'll tell me where it crashes so I can isolate the problem.

Perhaps later on today.  But, you're in France, right?  I'm in California 
(GMT-7), so that might be hard to arrange.

>> With Firefox (Deer Park Alpha 2), it works.
> It seems to work perfectly with any version of Firefox (tested from
> 1.0.4). Unfortunately that's only 20~30% of the browsers.

Is it that high now?  =)

>> The subject summaries in 'Message List' doesn't list the month - it
>> just says 'Monday 01, 11:03:35' - I really think we need to emit the
>> month there.  (Yes, it's on the top, but that's easy to miss.)
> I just changed that yesterday evening because I find that the date is
> too long in the message list, especially with lower resolutions. What
> would you like to see there ?
> Tuesday 12 April 2005, 14:29:51 (very, very long)
> Tue, 12 Apr 2005, 14:29:51 (like RFC822 dates but without the GMT stuff)
> 12 April 2005, 14:29:51
> Tue, 12 Apr, 14:29
> ... or any other combination you like. I must admit I don't know which
> one to choose here :P

I think the last option is probably best.  (<Dayname>, <Day> <Mon>, 
<Hour>:<Min>) - no need for second granularity in the summary.

>> What is the pattern for the 'Message List' for showing the next
>> messages in the sequence?  I'm not sure how many messages it is
>> trying to show - it doesn't seem consistent to me.
> What do you call the "pattern" ? If you are referring to the paging
> system, in date and author sort, 100 messages per page are
> displayed. In thread sort, 42 full threads are shown (this explain why
> you often have less pages in threaded mode than in date sort).

When you are reading a message - it still shows a part of the message list 
- but it seems a bit non-intuitive as to how many messages it is showing 
when you are reading a message.

> moment. It's been an almost non-stop work+sleep+work+eat+sleep+work
> session since I'm back home, and I had more important features to code
> before this one :)

Sure.  No worries.

> I looked at your recent changes to mod_mbox, and I value them.


> We are still talking about the AJAX browsing interface, eh ? If yes,
> there is currently no message navigation in the message view. I agree
> with your comments, and these links will be added soon. Also, please
> notice that prev/next links will only be able to go through the
> currently loaded page. I can eventually make the last 'Next' click
> load the next page if it exists, but it won't be possible to load the
> first message of this new page directly (blame the first 'A' of AJAX
> (asynchronous)).

Yes, I'm talking about the AJAX interface.

So, I look forward to seeing how you address this.  ;-)

> Thanks,
> - Sam

Hey, you're the one doing the work not me.  ;-)

Thanks!  -- justin

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