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From Ben Collins-Sussman <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on Future Versions/Backporting
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 15:33:38 GMT
I see a lot of frustration going on.  The thing is, httpd's  
development process is nearly identical to Subversion's process... we  
stole most of it from you folks!  So why all the angst in httpd-land,  
but not in Subversion-land?

I see two differences:

(A) New trunk releases happen often.  A new minor version of  
Subversion is released every 4-6 months.  All new features,  
optimizations, code rewriting happens on trunk.

(B) We only backport *bugfixes* to our release branches -- nothing  
else.  No new features, no rewrites, nothing complex.  It has to be a  
bugfix, and it must be a very important one.  Our STATUS file on the  
release branch stays relatively small, and the changes are usually  
easy to review.  The RTC policy becomes an asset, not an annoyance.

Note that the narrow scope of our backporting is possible *because*  
we release from trunk so often.  Nobody feels compelled to backport  
anything but important bugfixes, because we all know that the new  
innovative stuff will be released "soon".  So most energy is spent on  
trunk, and only a small amount of energy is spent on backports.

I'm not an httpd-committer, but here's my humble recommendation,  
summed up:

     "Release from trunk every 4-6 months.  Only backport critical  

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