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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject RTC killed the open source project
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 05:55:01 GMT
I can't believe you guys are still debating the merits of RTC over CTR
after all this time. RTC killed the momentum in this project a long time

* Quality and stability are emergent properties, not processes:

Making releases is a natural step in the bug-fixing cycle. However,
the STATUS file adds a whole bunch of unnecessary red tape
to the change review process which makes it very difficult to
"release early and release often". This slows the wheels of
development and the rate of bug finding.

* RTC reduces the number of eyes looking for bugs:

The STATUS file does not impart perfection. It keeps track of each
patch's reviewers, but doesn't guarantee thorough reviews. Due to
all the hoops that a reviewer must jump through in order to "review"
a patch these days, it is inevitable that fewer people make the effort.

* RTC means we don't trust our committers.

Why do we have committers if we don't trust them to commit code?
We trust them enough to vote, but only the buddy system for commits?
I already trust everyone here to review changes to code they care
about. Forgotten code still suffers bitrot regardless of RTC. The only
difference between now and what we had before is that there are
fewer eyeballs looking at patches and more wasted energy.

* RTC isn't necessary with a proper version control system.

Bugs happen, and with version control they can be easily fixed,
shared with others, and tracked. Use it!

*** Look at the writing on the wall: RTC killed this project.

This year there have only been 3 tarballs released:
  - 2.1.3 (alpha)
  - 2.0.53 and 2.0.54
  - no releases of 1.3

The RTC experiment was tried and has failed. Can we please
go back to the way things were, back when this project was fun?


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