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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: httpd has no reason to improve...
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 18:21:16 GMT
Paul A Houle <> writes:

> Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
>> I see a lot of frustration going on.  The thing is, httpd's  development
>> process is nearly identical to Subversion's process... we  stole most
>> of it from you folks!  So why all the angst in httpd-land,  but not in
>> Subversion-land?
>    It's really a lack of direction.

IMO market-share doesn't relate to project activity.  The
word I most associate with apache development is empowerment;
cheifly to empower users to build better web stuff.  Users that
need to tweak the software in order to make that happen become
committers, who are further empowered to make commits, and eventually
make decisions about the project as a whole when they join the pmc.

What I personally enjoy seeing on dev@httpd is "piling on", where
one person implements something, then two or three other people
(not always committers) jump on the bandwagon and take it in a better
direction.  It's good to see more of that happening lately.

>    There is very little going on in Apache to make it be a better web 
> server -- the frontiers of development are trying to make it an ftp 
> server,  an smtp server,  a ntp server,  a snpd server,  a bgp 
> server...  Efforts that 99.44% of httpd users are completely indifferent 
> to

According to the statistics, most users are content with 1.3. But
that is a very short-sighted way to measure progress, because the
situation will change as the *nix distros move away from 1.3.  Exploring 
new protocols within httpd will almost certainly will make the internal 
architecture better, even if none of those modules you mention are 
distributed with httpd. IMO mod_smtpd will be a fine example of that, 
because unlike httpd, almost all of the real action will be on the 
input_filter side (which IMO hasn't received the same amount of polish 
that the output_filter side has).

To sum it up:

better server architecture => better modules => more toys for users 
=> more interest in the 2.x internals => more patches => more activity
=> better server architecture ...

Joe Schaefer

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