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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject status report for ASF board
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 03:53:54 GMT
I need to prepare a status report for the HTTP server project
for the ASF board meeting on Wednesday (IIRC).  Given that
I'll be on vacation for two weeks starting Monday, it would
be nice to have some text ready to send in by Sunday night.

Our last report on 2005_05_18 consisted of

    Attachment D: Status report for the Apache HTTP Server Project

    Activity is picking up again.  We are happy to say we have
    invited a number of new committers into apreq, docs, httpd
    and mod_python.

    There were a couple of releases: libapreq2-2.05-dev and

    There is increased interest in branching httpd 2.1 and working
    towards an initial 2.2 release.

Since that time, we have made no official changes to the PMC
(that will change very soon) and have added a number of
committers for the Google SoC projects.  Do we have a summary
of the SoC projects and committers somewhere?

We have also cut one alpha release called httpd 2.1.6. Other
releases are pending some fixes in APR.

Sander Striker has decided to step down as chair and VP of the
HTTP server project after having been volunteered into being
President of ASF.  I have been asked to come out of retirement
and be the new conveyer of choice words between this project
and the board.

Should I add anything else?  Could the people who accepted PMC
or committer status in the past three months please remind me
to include your name in the report?  Thanks.


Roy T. Fielding                            <>
Chief Scientist, Day Software              <>

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