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From "Graham Leggett" <>
Subject Re: how to make sub-requests?
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:19:29 GMT
Parin Shah said:

> - I played with it to make it work without conn_rec, but it doesnt
> soudn very clean to me . the main reason is request_rec itself needs
> conn_rec and also other conn_rec variables like lookup defaults. so
> even if we  could make it work (which I am not 100% sure that it would
> work) it wouldn't be an elegant solution.

Point taken.

> what I meant was that  I might find similar functionality in mod_proxy
> which does same thing. I am not planning to reuse it. but would use it
> as a reference to create requests for mod-c-requester.

mod_proxy does the whole nine yards - it creates a real connection, then
creates requests off that connection using the same core methods you
tried. You're unlikely to find any shortcuts or ways of creating lean
requests here. :(

>> Rather tack yourself onto mod_cache, so that after a request is
>> complete, it can fire off a pass of the cache freshening code while a
>> connection_req is still available to create fake requests from.
> This is a very good alternative solution. I would proceed in this
> direction if I cannot find any other way.

I am starting to think this is probably the only practical way of doing
this, unless we can come up with a dummy request_req creator that leaves
the non essential (for this case) fields as NULL.

What may be useful is to teach httpd how to handle the case where the
connection is missing, and have it fail gracefully/intelligently in this
case, however this is a big job that is likely to slow you down from
getting the first releas out the door.


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