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From Rachel Willmer <>
Subject Re: What happened to the "Apache 2 cross reference"?
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 06:44:10 GMT
On 24/08/05, Brandon Fosdick <> wrote:
> Rachel Willmer wrote:
> That looks exactly the same as what's now linked from the developer docs page, with the
addition of an advertisement banner.

That's exactly what it is, but with the search feature turned on. I
did this for my own benefit, since the online apache docs don't
provide a search.

Currently I'm using the search facility that's generated by doxygen,
which has so far been sufficient for everything I need.

> On both pages searching for, eg pstrdup returns nothing. I know there's an apr_pstrdup
function, I've used it.

Try searching for apr_pstrdup, you'll get 154 matches.

But that's interesting, I hadn't realised that doxygen's search only
does full-word matching. In which case, I'll probably replace it with
another search facility soon which does partial searching too.


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