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From Brandon Fosdick <>
Subject Re: What happened to the "Apache 2 cross reference"?
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:47:38 GMT
Rachel Willmer wrote:
> ok, take a look at <> and
> try out the search now. By default, it will do partial-word matching
> e.g. strdup matches apr_strdup, etc, and if you want the exact word
> only, you can choose that option.

Better. Although the search results are nearly incomprehensible without line breaks. Or maybe
its just firefox.

I actually liked the results layout that the old version had. The results were wrong most
of the time, but it was easier to read, it linked directly to the relevant line(s), and sorted
the results by type (declaration, useage, files, etc).

BTW, here's another page I found that looks like its based off the same backend, but I can't
seem to replicate it using the link you sent. I think I'm just missing something.

> I'm still futzing around with the stylesheets and layout, so they may
> change, but I'd be interested to see what you think...

Frames are evil :)

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