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Subject Re: httpd has no reason to improve...
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 21:11:35 GMT

Paul A Houle wrote:


> very little to offer end users.  A few people thought it would be great
> to have pluggable MPM's,  and a few other people introduced half-baked
> systems such as mod_cache and filters.  You know a tree by its fruit,

What is half-baked about filters? Without them many of the things that also
3rd party modules use would not be possible or much harder to do. You are right
one of the good thing is that you can do many things with modules in httpd
but this requires a good and flexible framework and API which can be always

mod_cache is experimental in 2.0.x and has improved much in the trunk. It is much more
any caching (reverse) proxy could do as it is more of a caching framework. If you
would have taken a look at the background of the people who submitted many of the mod_cache
patches during recent times you would have noticed that these are people which
use mod_cache at big sites and are real power users of httpd.

> and the fruit I care about is performance and reliability.  Apache
> 2.0.54 is a great server,  but the fact that it took 54 revisions to get
> there isn't a good indication about the design and development process.

Version numbers are cheap and say nothing here. 2.0.35 was the first GA release,
and thus 2.0.54 is not that high as it seems.



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