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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: RFC: can I make mod_cache per-dir?
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 05:44:11 GMT
>>	<Location "/foo">
>>		CacheEnable disk
>>	</Location>
>>might be equivalent to "CacheEnable disk /foo". It would be trivial to
>>make this work as-is, but seems fairly pointless. Location-based
>>application can be done already.
> That would be an improvement over what we have today.
> However, I wonder if we can store some information in our cache that can
> provide enough information for the check (i.e. done with directory/file).
> A thought: record the fact that this particular cache entry was originated
> through a directory check - this can also *only* happen when mod_cache is
> fronting a local origin server (nowhere else would Directory come into play).
> Under what I've deduced from your previous emails, we know this because we'd
> have to delay our cacheablity config check until cache_save_filter.  So, if
> this bit is set, then we know we have to wait for the directory/location walk
> to run again before we can 'approve' serving the cached response.  (Or, we
> could also try to run the directory walk ourselves in the cache handler.)
> Yet, there is a *possibility* that something could switch from a Location to a
> Directory (i.e. switch from a scenario where we could solely rely upon the
> configuration to where a directory now controls the cacheability: hence we
> need the dir walk).  Not sure what we should do there.
> We'd certainly sacrifice some speed under these circumstances; but it'd
> perhaps be better than nothing and would avoid the possibility where we serve
> content that is now excluded.  -- justin

IMO, this is why we should revive my original work[1] to enable
mod_cache to run as both a Quick Handler and a Normal Handler.  We could
also invent a new handler, 'middle' handler, that runs after
map_to_storage, but before the rest of the hooks. (And hence, ran once
we have done directory blocks)



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