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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: how to make sub-requests?
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 08:48:11 GMT
Parin Shah wrote:

>>Would there be value in teaching ap_read_request() how to not break if
>>you called ap_read_request(NULL)?
> Well, I couldnt find a way to do this. and with NULL value it crashes.

What I meant was that you modify the ap_read_request() to not crash when 
NULL is passed to it.

>>Alternatively ap_read_request() could be broken up into
>>ap_read_request() and ap_create_request(), which would do just the
>>request_req creation part.

> request_rec creation part needs conn_rec, and creating conn_req is
> again not straight forward  so I dont think ap_read_request is gonna
> help us in this case.

As far as I am aware, the request_req only needs certain fields copied 
out of connection_req, not all of which are required.

> I am now going through mod-proxy as chipig and iholsman suggested. It
> seems that allows us to create fake requests. any further help in that
> (or any other) direction would be really great.

I wouln't use proxy, as proxy has nothing to do with cache (you may 
build proxy without cache if you like, or cache without proxy).

Rather tack yourself onto mod_cache, so that after a request is 
complete, it can fire off a pass of the cache freshening code while a 
connection_req is still available to create fake requests from.


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