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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: RTC killed the open source project
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 16:05:45 GMT
Andreas Steinmetz wrote:
> Aaron Bannert wrote:
>>What other branches are CTR? 1.3? 2.0?
>>Dependency on any outside library, APR included, is going to
>>cause dependency on that library's release cycle. Stagnation
>>happened after 2.0 was released, however.
>>On another note, if APR is the problem, then why are we even
>>talking about branching 2.2 before APR is fixed?

Because, for the most part, APR isn't a problem.  As the RM for 2.2, I
wanted a new APR release to fix a few platform specific critical bugs
(like, pollsets on Solaris 10).  HTTPD can easily go forward with the
knowledge that some things just wont work until a new APR release is done.

> Hmm, yes,
> I did hit an apr-util bug yesterday, looked it up in bugzilla and: it is
> filed in there for more than a year (bug 28205). So if there is a
> release dependency on apr abandon all hope :-(

Oh Please, don't give me that crap. Submit a patch, and it will get in
the next release. The bug you mention does not have a patch.  If it
matters so much to you, fix it yourself.

The current blocking issue in APR & APR-Util is that we can *only*
release apr and apr-util of the exact same version number, due to
problems in the Netware build system.  This means to release APR 1.2.0,
we must release APR-Util 1.2.0.  This is currently a problem, since
APR-Util is in flux from apr-dbd.  So, we either fix the Netware build
(I haven't a clue how), or we wait for apr-dbd to become more stable.


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