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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: How long until 2.2
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 03:40:10 GMT
Akins, Brian wrote:
> As I sit here debugging our home grown proxy code for 2.0, I wonder how long
> until 2.2?  We wrote our own proxy because the cool 2.1 stuff was not out at
> the time.  The new proxy stuff would be wonderful for us, but noone wants to
> run alpha code in production.  (However, we are quick to run homegrown
> stuff...)
> So, please, I be you -- give us 2.2 ;)

May I suggest you put the following proposal to your management.

cost of devoting a senior engineer for the next month or two to help 
'field test' apache 2.2 in a high scale environment, identifying and 
submitting patches to 2.2 is Y.

This should be considered a sunk cost. you will have to perform this 
test now, or in 2-3 months time when we officially release it as 2.2.

The only advantage of waiting is that you hope someone else will find
the same problems as your team would.

The disadvantages of waiting
- your changes you testing find might not be able to be applied to the 
main core, as altering a 'production' system takes more checks and 
paperwork than a developmental one. so you will be stuck in the same 
situation you are now.. maintaining a patched up apache.

- If you get organized now, you might be able to distribute the testing 
phase with other large companies in a similar situation to you. This 
might reduce the cost of 'Y', or allow you to concentrate on the 
features you care more about, knowing that other people will be doing 
other parts of the testing as well. (ie.. sharing the cost of 'Y' over 
multiple companies).

so to summarize.. get your testing team into the 2.1 code now, and you 
will have a more stable 2.2 when it comes out, and you might even 
convince your management that version numbers don't mean squat in a open 
source world.


> Thanks.

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