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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: macro facility/default conf file/auth groups
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 17:01:10 GMT

Paul A Houle wrote:
> (1) I've evolved a nice system for implementing virtual hosts (directory 
> layouts,  using Include directives to segment configuration) files that 
> benefits from years of mistakes that I and others have made.  I'm 
> wondering if there's any interest in refactoring the apache conf file 
> into a number of separate files to reflect "better practices" than the 
> current default conf file.  The idea isn't to force people to change,  
> but to encourage future installations to be more managable.  I'll be 
> happy to give more specifics if people are interested.

The most recent development branch has started on this process:
The main goal was simplification rather than manageability for complex 
Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

> (2) This particular system has a production and a test instance,  so I'd 
> love to have a way to set variables that I can interpolate into 
> arbitrary strings.

- mod_macro
- config pre-processor (m4, etc)

httpd.conf is a config file, not a programming language.

>    Another case where I might like macros (but settled for using an 
> Include) is filling out all the auth configuration for <Directory> 
> files.  A whole bunch of vhosts will share a users and group file across 
> a number of directories.  It's really a drag to specify four 
> configuration parameters per-<Directory> that are the same everywhere,  
> and some way to repeat this would be welcome.

It's hard to tell exactly what you want, but wildcard <Directory> 
sections can often be used in cases like this.

> (4) Once again I'm stung by the inability to make AND criteria stick.  
> For instance,  we have 2 kinds of people working on N projects:  
> developers and designers.  All of these projects have certain 
> directories that developers are interested in and others that designers 
> are interested on.  I'd like to say something like
> require group projectA AND group developer

Preprocess the groups file to add a projectAanddeveloper group?

Apache httpd has tried to keep the unix design philosophy of doing one 
thing well and using a tool chain to do complicated things.


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