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From Joost de Heer <>
Subject Re: SSL downloads faster than non SSL?
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 20:59:01 GMT
Phillip Susi wrote:

> I decided to do some informal benchmark comparisons between using
> windows SMBFS and apache/webdav for file transfers.  I ended up finding
> that apache is actually faster at sending files over an SSL connection
> than a plain connection.  I downloaded a ~600 meg test file from the
> server using windows explorer webfolders, IE, and firefox.  Firefox
> downloads the file in the 4000-5000 KB/s range when using an SSL
> connection.  IE gets over 10,000 KB/s downloading over the secure
> connection.  Both only are able to download at 300-600 KB/s using the
> non SSL connection though.  This is, of course, all done over a 100 Mbps
> ethernet network that is minimally loaded, and I repeated the test a few
> times, clearing the browsers caches each time.

Did you restart Apache too, to clear the memory cache of the OS?


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