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From Maxime Petazzoni <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r231181 - in /httpd/mod_mbox/trunk/scripts: catchup-archive create-index create-site-index update-index
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:13:17 GMT
> Actually, I think they do belong in this repository.  We should really
> add the CGI script that does the msgid search too.  Hopefully, once the
> mbox-search project is done, we can replace more of these scripts.

As I said, they are related exclusively to the ASF mailing lists. I did
not even used these scripts to setup my development setup of mod_mbox, a
proof they're not as needed as you claim they are.

I don't really think the current trunk/ directory structure is really
clean. In module-2.0/ you can find, all messed up, mod-mbox-util -which
is all but an Apache HTTPd module-, the libmbox library, and the module
itself. Not to mention these scripts, of course.

Something like :

lib/                  -- libmbox code (mbox_* files)
util/                 -- utilities directory
util/mod-mbox-util/   -- mod-mbox-util code
util/scripts/         -- the scripts, if you really want them here
module-2.0/           -- module source code (mod_mbox_* files)

sounds a lot clearer, and understable at first look.

> > For non-ASF mod_mbox users (maybe they'll be some, one day), a simple
> > README with the setup steps and how to use mod-mbox-util is enough.
> In general, any new documentation would be awesome.

Extract from repos/asf/httpd/mod_mbox/branches/httpd-mbox-if/STATUS,
updated by me during July :

Other known issues / ToDo:

    * Documentation
      - For developpers : internals
      - For admins      : setup and update
      - For users       : usage, interface description, ...

Just wait. This will come :)

- Sam

Maxime Petazzoni (
 -- gone crazy, back soon. leave message.

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