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From "Jem Berkes" <>
Subject Re: Initial mod_smtpd code.
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 14:34:40 GMT
>     Overall blacklists aren't that effective and cause a lot of false
> positives.  They may make sense in the case of something like
> SpamAssassin which uses a blacklist in conjunction with other false
> positives,  but by themselves they really aren't a responsible way of
> dealing with the spam problem.  I think it's better to discourage "worst
> practices" than to sucumb to plugin mania.

Blocklists aren't fundamentally broken, they are a tool which can be used 
properly or misused (just like many other tools).

Many admins choose to maintain their own DNSBLs for one reason or another. 
It may be a way to control relay access based on their own subscriber IP 
addressess. At my site we keep a record of IPs that have persistently 
abused our site over the past few days.

i.e. DNSBL != (SPEWS or MAPS or whatever)

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