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From Parin Shah <>
Subject Re: mod-cache-requestor plan
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 06:23:29 GMT
Thanks all for for your thoughts on this issue.

> > The priority re-fetch would make sure the
> > popular pages are always in cache, while others are allowed to die at
> > their expense.
> So every request for an object would update a counter for that url?
- we need to maintain a counter for url in this case which would
decide the priority of the url. But mainting this counter should be a
low overhead operation, I believe.

> Both approaches have disadvantages.  I guess you just have to choose your
> poison :)
- I would prefer the approach where we maintain priority queue to keep
track of popularity. But again you guys have more insight and
understanding. so whichever approach you guys decide, I am ready to
work on it! ;-)


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