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From Parin Shah <>
Subject Re: mod-cache-requestor plan
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 02:27:07 GMT
> We have been down this road.  The way one might solve it is to allow
> mod_cache to be able to reload an object while serving the "old" one.
> Example:
> cache /A for 600 seconds
> after 500 seconds, request /A with special header (or from special client,
> etc) and cache does not serve from cache, but rather pretends the cache has
> expired.  do normal refresh stuff.
> The cache will continue to server /A even though it is refreshing it

As Graham suggested, such mechanism will not refresh the pages those
are non-popular but expensive to load. which could incur lot of
overhead. But, other than that, This looks really good solution.

> Also, one of the flaws of mod_disk_cache (at least the version I am looking
> at) is that it deletes objects before reloading them.  It is better for many
> reasons to only replace them.  That's the best way to accomplish what I
> described above.

If we implement it the way you suggested, then this problem would
automatically be solved.


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