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From Joey Ekstrom <>
Subject Re: mod_smtpd design.
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:06:58 GMT
On 7/11/05, Jem Berkes <> wrote:
> As I understand it, we want to produce one module that deals with the SMTP
> protocol, and a separate module to handle mail delivery (probably via
> procmail is easiest for now). Does this mean we should also produce
> separate modules, one for incoming and one for outgoing mail transactions?
> In other words, several modules:
> - SMTP protocol library
> - Incoming SMTP mail (hook connection/server)
> - Outgoing SMTP mail (spooling, DNS MX, sendmail-ish)
> - Delivery of SMTP message (to local, e.g. pipe to procmail)

Why would these be different modules?  From my perspective, the module
should handle the entire protocol. You may or may not want to spawn
specified threads to make outbound connections, but local delivery
should probably just be handled on the request thread.

I figured that sending to mail to procmail or spam filters for
delivery would just be a called from a handler, and then fall through
to external delivery, etc.


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