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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: Initial mod_smtpd code.
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 10:51:19 GMT

> Hi Rian,

Useful start: you seem to have dealt with the core SMTP stuff:-)

> I like how the code is done. I am not sure a hook for each smtp command
> is the good solution. Adding a new command here is very simple and quick.

That's my feeling too.  But I'm happy with the way Rian has done it -
and Jem was IIRC in favour of the same approach.

> the problem i found when i did my poc is when there is in the command,
> different destination email. It's difficult here to keep the virtualHost
> scheme.
> It would be nice to keep a conf file like
> <virtualHost>
>     ServerName
>     SmtpUserMap
>     or SmtpRelay host
>     ....
> </virtualHost>

Yes.  I think there is a logical difficulty here.  smtpd_create_request
is run before process_smtp_connection_internal, and the design doesn't
allow for multiple recipients to be processed differently.

My own feeling was that multiple recipients require a request each.
Maybe we could get that in your design by creating a subrequest
for each RCPT TO?

We should also deal with spooling.  Maybe a protocol-level input
filter can do that.  I still like the idea of a spool bucket
(being a long-life file bucket with crash/recovery capabilities
and reference counting), in which case the input filter would
simply convert everything to that.  That would then run before
creating any subrequests.

Nick Kew

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