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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r219520 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.2.x/
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 16:58:21 GMT
Thanks Paul, you just collided with the refactoring of 2.1.x proxy.

Thank you for not announcing this first.

Thank you for ignoring the entire user community in your zeal
to move forward with ... what?

Thank you for helping the entire dev community begin refactoring
httpd 2.3 long before there is a 2.2 release to begin committing
... what?

I see nothing going on in trunk that jeopardizes 2.2, I see alot
of things that are unstable in 2.1-dev, and 2.1-dev is NOT BETA.

The simplest thing I guess, going forward, since we all have the
right to branch and copy as we will on dev, is to simply svn cp
over your old work every time we feel like it.  There is no way
you are declaring httpd-2.2 C-T-R yet, although that's what 2.2
should be once branched.


At 10:50 AM 7/18/2005, wrote:
>Author: pquerna
>Date: Mon Jul 18 08:50:36 2005
>New Revision: 219520
>Branch 2.2.x from trunk.
>    httpd/httpd/branches/2.2.x/
>      - copied from r219519, httpd/httpd/trunk/

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