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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [patch 2.0] http body request/response/trace conformance
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 05:21:32 GMT
Attached is the rollup of everything that we have collected
to address c-l/t-e conformance in the httpd-2.1 trunk, which
should apply clean to httpd-2.0 branch.  I'll commit in 24 hrs
by lazy consensus, but would rather see a few +1's first.

Jeff's patch (without the protocol.c patch) demonstrated to me
how broken 2.1 really was.  I've refactored that code entirely.
After this refactoring (and still without the protocol.c patch)
the attached chunked.req works correctly against an array of 
Apache versions.  I totally agree with Jeff's plan, the only
way to address this is to backport the corrected 2.1 proxy
request handler.

The 'TraceEnable extended' option has really proved invaluable
for this testing; I would encourage anyone investigating these
issues to check it out.


p.s. I've found this mini-configlet very useful for my test array;

ProxyPass /13/ http://localhost:8013/
ProxyPassReverse /13/ http://localhost:8013/
ProxyPass /20/ http://localhost:8020/
ProxyPassReverse /20/ http://localhost:8020/
ProxyPass /21/ http://localhost:8021/
ProxyPassReverse /21/ http://localhost:8021/

ProxyPass /99/ http://localhost:8099/
ProxyPassReverse /99/ http://localhost:8099/

TraceEnable extended
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