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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject [VOTE] mod_ftp for HTTP Server Project
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 18:26:13 GMT
Now that Covalent has released it's ERS 3.0 distribution, mod_ftp is now
officially offered for donation/incubation/graduation to the ASF.

mod_ftp (previously Covalent FTP) is an Apache 2.0 Protocol Module which
implements FTP (RFCs 959, 1123, 2228, 2389), including such features
as FTP over SSL, jailing logged-in users, extended logging, firewall
awareness and limiting logins. As Covalent FTP, it has been used by
numerous well-known F500 companies, and is such a real-world
protocol module, and not simply an academic exercise (this is not
a comment on any other protocol modules in existence, but a statement
to ensure that the module has been used and tested in real-world
environments by major clients).

The entire code-base, including Perl test scripts for inclusion in  
is available and ready for donation into the ASF svn repos.

I volunteer as Champion.

I therefore Call A Vote on whether we should support mod_ftp for
inclusion into the Incubator and if we should accept mod_ftp upon
graduation from the Incubator.

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