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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fix util_ldap with older OpenLDAPs
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 23:27:15 GMT
Jess Holle wrote:

> I can't argue with this -- as much as I want multiple-provider support 
> right now.  [2.0.54's LDAP largely seems to hold up overall -- as 
> amazing as that seems...]

Most of the bugs in the LDAP code come about because of bad handling of 
timed out connections - meaning you get problems on low or no load, 
rather than on high load, which is a very frustrating thing to debug. I 
would find a problem, see the server worked, throw a few thousand hits 
at it to be sure, then get back the next day to find it was broken again 
- connections had timed out in the mean time and broke the server again.

If there is a definite need, walk backwards through the patches to v2.2 
and to apr-util to see what is fixed in each patch, I;m sure there are 
some segfaults that can be found if someone has the time to walk through it.

> That and the delay from then until the broader audience that suddenly 
> turns on it shakes out problems the smaller development community did 
> not are the big questions.
> I'm still hoping our next product releases can incorporate 2.2...

I've been using v2.1.6 in production for a while (I needed the LDAP 
fixes, so it was the only viable option) with no hassles.

If we get v2.2 out the door, I think we could ramp up to a stable and 
trusted version pretty quickly.


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