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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: Missing Features of htdigest.c
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:57:17 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:

> ...
> so, to that end, to the rest of the developers here's my offer:
> I'll write an htpasswd replacement that will
>   - allow for management of users using Basic or Digest algorithms
>   - allow for varying data stores
>   - allow for varying user algorithms (mixing of Basic and Digest in the
> same store, for example)
>   - support (as best I can) existing options from existing support files
>   - whatever else it ought to do
> it will, of course, be in perl - if people are really just shell'ing out to
> a binary from a CGI then there's no real reason it _needs_ to be in C.  at
> least that I can see :)

Such a project would be great, and we will owe you a lot if this dream
becomes a reality!

There are some issues, however, that we must look at them before:

1. It is not going to finish fast, so maybe I should go on with my
   idea to add DIGEST to htdbm, as a temporary solution till your
   script works.
2. Are you sure that all the apr_functions which deal with auth and its
   storage and databases work with Perl too?  Note that ASF migrated
   from a Perl based script (dbmmanage) to C based program (htdbm),
   probably due to limitations of Perl or apr_functions without a Perl
3. A C program may be integrated into the source tree of Apache (or
   APR/APR-UTIL) in the future, as a module or API for managing users,
   which is impossible with Perl.

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