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From Nick Maynard <>
Subject Re: Dispatching MPM
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 09:02:37 GMT
> Feedback greatly appreciated...
Hello Michal,

This sounds like a great idea!  Obviously, perchild is dead, so needs a 
replacement.  MetuxMPM doesn't handle SSL at all, which is a serious 
limitation for anyone who wants to use it seriously (after all, who uses 
a perchild model for security and doesn't use SSL?).

Something to throw into the mix - mod_php.  As we all know mod_php 
doesn't like threaded environments (dependencies on non threadsafe 
libraries), and as such admins are limited to using process-based MPMs. 
  Can I suggest you consider making the MPM thread/process agnostic? 
This way two MPMs, one process-based and one thread-based, could be 
created from the same codebase, allowing admins to select the one that's 
best for their setup.  Forgive me if I've hit on a technical 
impossibility - my coding skills have sadly deteriorated since university.



Nick Maynard

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