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From Sander Striker <>
Subject Re: mod_cache caching the 301 Moved Permanently
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:56:01 GMT
> wrote:
>> Sander Striker wrote:

>> That said, in 2.1, I think we should restore status in mod_cache, not in
>> the cache

> Sorry for being confused. But maybe my question was not completely correct.

It was fine; I'm being 'lazy' and not looking at the code, but going by
memory instead.  Sometimes I forget pieces...

> mod_disk_cache does not restore r->status directly but it restores the status
> information to cache->handle->cache_obj->info.status. This gives mod_cache the
> opportunity to restore r->status from this (as my patch does). The problem is
> that mod_mem_cache does not seem to restore the status information at all from
> its storage.

Right, this is where mod_disk_cache did get some attention and mod_mem_cache
didn't yet.

> This way mod_cache has no chance to restore it in this case.
> I agree with you that mod_cache should set r->status with the information
> restored by the provider to cache->handle->cache_obj->info.status.
> mod_cache should take the final decision if it does that or not. This decision
> should not be done by the providers.


>> providers.  Ofcourse, if that isn't possible for whatever reason, the
>> restoration has to be done in _all_ cache providers.  The above might explain the
>> discrepancies...

> But all cache providers have to store it in their storage and have to restore it
> from there to the caching data structure. Maybe this is what you wanted to say?



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