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From Paul A Houle <>
Subject Re: mod_mbox user interface
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:22:37 GMT
Maxime Petazzoni wrote:.

>As promised : a first try at XHTML mockup. Comments about DOM
>structure and XHTML semantics are welcome !
    On firefox/win32,  the "box list" and "message lists" aren't 
vertically aligned correctly (at least for me.)  Other than that,  it's 
quite pretty.  You could reduce the whitespace margins considerably,  
maybe even lose the box around the year/month listings on the side.

    From a usability perspective,  I like 'three-pane' sorts of 
interfaces,  but I'm often infuriated by things that waste a lot of 
space so I can't read the actual message.  The huge space allocated to 
the logo at the top could be reduced (that will probably be easy to 
template away,  but if you set a bad example for people,  they'll follow 
it -- also I get the feeling that the message list takes up space that I 
could use to read the message...

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