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From Sander Striker <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] mod_ftp for HTTP Server Project
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 19:19:08 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Now that Covalent has released it's ERS 3.0 distribution, mod_ftp is now
> officially offered for donation/incubation/graduation to the ASF.
> mod_ftp (previously Covalent FTP) is an Apache 2.0 Protocol Module which
> implements FTP (RFCs 959, 1123, 2228, 2389), including such features
> as FTP over SSL, jailing logged-in users, extended logging, firewall
> awareness and limiting logins. As Covalent FTP, it has been used by
> numerous well-known F500 companies, and is such a real-world
> protocol module, and not simply an academic exercise (this is not
> a comment on any other protocol modules in existence, but a statement
> to ensure that the module has been used and tested in real-world
> environments by major clients).
> The entire code-base, including Perl test scripts for inclusion in  
> httpd-test, is available and ready for donation into the ASF svn repos.

Is there anything left for the community to work on?  Or rather, do you
think there is enough to do to attract a few (new) developers?

Assuming the answer is yes:

> I therefore Call A Vote on whether we should support mod_ftp for
> inclusion into the Incubator and if we should accept mod_ftp upon
> graduation from the Incubator. 



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