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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: Questions from a newbie
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2005 15:14:18 GMT
Jem Berkes wrote:
> For example, for SMTP support we are contemplating the protocol unit 
> (mod_smtpd) passing on mail to a module that specifically delivers mail. 
> How do those two entities communicate with each other? A 
> mod_smtp_deliver would get a potentially large chunk of data (const 
> char* ?) from mod_smtpd and deliver the mail via procmail, etc. This is 
> a loose binding by the way since all received mails do not necessarily 
> have to be delivered.

I was thinking of calling the handlers, and letting the handlers read 
from the input_filters list in the request_rec, check out the 
ap_rgetline function. Does this sound like a bad idea to you? any 
security issues? The other solution (letting mod_smtpd read the whole 
thing into a buffer and then passing the buffer) seems way too memory 
hungry for me.

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