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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: mod_mbox development plan
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2005 07:35:59 GMT
Roy T.Fielding wrote:
> On Jul 2, 2005, at 7:46 PM, Maxime Petazzoni wrote:
>> The first thing that has to be done is, of course, get rid of the hard
>> coded HTML and switch to something more flexible.

Careful with "getting rid".  I haven't looked at it myself, but I wonder
if cleaning it up and keeping it as an option at least would be

>	 Two main solutions
>> are available :
>>  - a template system such as ClearSilver
>>  - XML + XSLT
> I guess I am having a hard time bridging that leap from goal
> to a fairly specific solution.  What are the real advantages of
> being flexible on the server?  I mean, as opposed to simply using
> a fixed data format with XHTML and class names?

That could be the basis for a "best of both worlds" approach:

(1) An output format that is basically clean XHTML with hooks for CSS.
(2) Where that is considered inadequate, expand it with your own
    elements from other namespaces such as FoaF and DC, or if
    necessary your own invention.  Try to make them optional!
(3) Now this can be the basis for your XML+XSLT approach.  But it
    leaves server admins with more flexibility than that, and
    those who want to avoid the overhead of XSLT have the option
    to do so - e.g. using the XMLNS framework.

> [chop]

Nick Kew

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