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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject more mod_smtpd stuff [was Summer of Code]
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 07:03:51 GMT
Jem Berkes wrote:
> To address one of the points brought up on IRC, if there is actually a
> non-experimental target for this software any time soon it would make
> more sense to support the 2.0 server as I think few production servers
> would be running 2.1?  I'm just speaking from what I saw, that is,
> among my colleagues I do not know anyone who has tried Apache 2.1 yet.
>  Many are still stuck at 1.3, but those people suck anyway :)

I think that deciding between 2.1 and 2.0 isn't a big deal since we can 
have source compatibility between them. You do make a good point when 
you mention all the poeple who still use 1.3. I think we should support 
2.0, although (i'm not trying to sound negative) I'm pretty sure that 
most of the people that will be using mod_smtpd will be people writing 
specialized smtp setups (and running the latest httpd anyway) and not 
people who run production mail servers, even though mod_smtpd will be 
powerful enough to be a production mail server i just think sys admins 
are more stubborn about changing their mail server setup than the web 
server setup.

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