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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: Initial mod_smtpd code.
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 07:39:40 GMT
> Nifty! I had some compilation problems involving regex, so in the  
> attached patch I use ap_regex.h and change some defines. Hope this  
> doesn't break anything.

that was a good idea, ap_regex.h was implictly getting included for me.

> The other bug I partially fixed was, strstr in smtp_protocol.c only  
> does exact matches so uppercase commands like MAIL FROM would fail.  
> I added support for the upper case, but this needs to be improved  
> still because mixed case doesn't work. Is there an APR function  
> like stristr?

agh i forgot about an upper case FROM: or TO:.  
process_smtp_connection_internal() already lowercases the actual  
command, but not the rest of the params. Either MAIL from: or RCPT  
to: would work, but not FROM or TO. Anyway, stristr can be easily  
hacked by calling strstr with two lowercased strings.

> The overall structure and the approach you took is very nice, easy  
> to understand. I would recommend adding a hook immediately upon the  
> client connection, because an external module (maybe for DNSBLs, or  
> some rate limiting control) might not even want us to return a  
> greeting at all -- i.e. close with "554 Service unavailable" right  
> away.

Hmm. That sounds like a good idea, maybe there already is a hook  
defined that could deal with this, I'll look into it.

> But I like what you have, would be happy to keep working around  
> this design.

Thanks! Do you now have svn access? After I apply your patches I'll  
see about checking this in so more of us can deal with this code. It  
sucks that most are busy with ApacheCon right now.

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