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From Timo Eckert <>
Subject Memory-Leak problem in own module
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 16:54:07 GMT

I have written an own Apache-Module for log-rotating.
Now my Problem is that I have a memory-Leak and I don't know why.

Are there any Debugging-Tools for Apache (or general), where I can see,
what memory is allocated and maybe I can see the content of the allocated

For example:

After start the Apache the childs are using 20268 kB of Memory. Then I kill the Apache
with -USR1 <pid>, then the childs are using 21872 kB of Memory.
So you can see, it grows per reload about 1600 kB of Memory, and I don't know
where I have to search.
Afters a few days (and reloads) my apache is grown to 200-300MB Memory usage.

So if there are any ideas, let me know. Thanks. :)

Timo Eckert

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